LED Flood Lights in Plandome NY

New LED Light was installed in the peaks of this house in Plandome, NY also known as Manhasset, NY. These peaks were 30 feet high and flooded the area with nice lighting. We added a circuit to the panel and added a switch by the front door. We were able to use the closet  as

Service Upgrade in Long Beach, NY

Emergency service upgrade was needed in a pinch when the underground service burned up. To accommodate the client and lower the cost we installed the new service overhead. This service wan done the very next day. PSEG was scheduled and and a new meter was installed... Our client were comfortable for the time without power

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Pharmaceutical Warehouse Lighting Swap in Ronkonkoma, NY

Pharmaceutical warehouse changed lighting throughout entire warehouse.. PSEG Swap for a extreme drop on the electric monthly cost. Converted all lighting to LED with motion sensor technology. All lighting was supplied by PSEG and we added the motion to each fixture. This solution was installed 50 foot high ceilings and with whips to connect to

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Jericho Restaurant Pre Construction

Setting up the Pre Construction of a new restaurant in Jericho, NY. Here we started by setting up temporary lighting for the duration of the job, which is in phase 1. Followed by running 6 inch PVC from the basement to the kitchen area and bar areas. These runs are approximately 70 feet long, with

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Mast Service Upgrade – Freeport, NY

Main service upgrade, old 100 Amp service up upgraded to a new panel supplying 200 amps. Brand new panel, new breakers, new copper wire supplied and installed with a new mast. Everything is inclosed in PVC from box to box. This job was preformed in Freeport New York It meets Nassau counties codes and regulations

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Industrial Generator Pad – Farmingdale NY

Setting up a generator pad for a industrial Kohler Generator. Pad was framed out set to the ground, concrete structures with reinforced rebar to accommodate the weight of the machine. We also put in scheduled 80 PVC 4 inch pipe, so the wiring will connect with ease. JMEC has preformed this task with great workmanship

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industrial AC/Heater install – Great Neck NY

Industrial Job in Great Neck NY.. * Ran 120 feet of EMT through a garage * Pulling wire for home run circuits * All dedicated line to accommodate the load * Installed shutoff switch and fastened to cement block wall Single unit for building lobby

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